Student's Code of Conduct

The discipline is the foundation of all enlightening institution for it enlightens individuals and serves as a window to success. Institution expects a disciplined behaviour from its students for their respective all round growth, bright future. College likes that its students must follow some rules and regulations as given below:-

  1. Student must be alert about all academic information shared by college.
  2. Students must be punctual and regular in their respective classes.
  3. Students are provided library facilities, but they must follow the rules and regulations of library.
  4. Students must not use un-parliamentary language in college campus.
  5. Students must not entertain conflicts, arguments and fights in or near college campus.
  6. Students must be well dressed and wear shoes.
  7. Students must always have their Identity-cum-library card with them.
  8. Students must not use: Pothas, Gutkas, Beedies, Cigarettes, tobacco or any narcotics, drugs in college campus.
  9. Students must be well mannered and well behaved in the campus.
  10. Students must give respect and regards to elders and affection and guidance to young ones.
  11. Students must never be involved directly or indirectly in any Ragging or lowly activities – RAGGING IS A CRIME.
  12. Students must have 80% attendance as per university rules and UGC guidelines.
  13. Students must submit their respective complaints in written to grievance cell.
  14. Students must keep safe all their personal records with them like: Cash-memo, Admit Cards, Mark sheets, PAN Cards, Aaddhar Number, etc.
  15. Students must help in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the college campus.
  16. Students must not paste anything either on wall or anywhere in the college campus.
  17. Students must actively participate in all cultural, sports, academic activities held in the college campus.
  18. Students must avoid contacts with unknown and unidentified persons.
  19. Students must avoid eve-teasing or criticizing anybody.
  20. Students must submit and upgrade all important information about themselves to the office, like: Date of Birth, Contact Numbers, Home address, Postal Address, Email Id, Aadhaar number, PAN Number, etc. for the purpose of communication.
  21. Students must not harm or damage any college property in any condition.
  22. Students must help each other in academic works.